Holly Township Code Enforcement

Code Enforcer: Officer Hillman
248-634-9331 ext. 307 email

The Code Enforcement Officer has been authorized to enforce a wide spectrum of codes and ordinances that have been adopted by the Holly Township Board of Trustees to maintain the quality of life and physical appearance of the Township. The beauty and charm of our neighborhoods are among Holly Township’s most precious assets.

The Code Enforcement Officer strives to reduce blight and remove all unsafe conditions throughout the Township. We have a responsibility to protect the health and safety of the individual citizens as well as the public generally. It is our goal to make the Township a cleaner and healthier community.

All complainant names and other information is kept confidential.
With your cooperation and assistance, we can make our neighborhoods more desirable places to live and assure all of us a better community. The code enforcement staff is committed to providing information, assistance and meeting the needs of the citizens.