Holly Township was organized on March 5, 1838. The Village of Holly was established in 1864. The Village of Holly makes up part of the Township of Holly. The area outside the Village limits is commonly referred to as the outer Township.

Holly Township is a general law township made up of a five member board of trustees; a supervisor, treasurer, clerk and two trustees.

The Holly Village Council is an elected body of seven council members; a council president and six council members are responsible for governing the Village of Holly. They have responsibilities similar to that of the township board, however, the Township has no control over Village Council decisions. For more information please visit the Village of Holly Website.

Holly Township levies a tax rate of 1 mil for general operating expenses (MCL 211.211). Holly Township has been able to operate on that one mil since the mid 1930’s.

Residents within the Village receive Assessing, election administration, gravel road chloride, fall and spring cleanup services by Holly Township through the collection of the same 1 mil tax levy as the outer township.

Village residents pay an additional tax levy of (13.5244 mils) to the Village of Holly for providing extra services beyond those of the Township, including their own Public Works, Fire and Police Departments.