Board of Review

Chuck Stoner
Ryan Matson
Nancy Rebar

Alternate – Leslie Jorgensen

Alternate – Vacancy

Board of Review Members are appointed by recommendation of the supervisor with final approval from the Board of Trustees. A board of review members term is up every two years. The Board of Review is made up of three members and the board meets twice a year on property taxation matters.

The general purpose of the Holly Township Board of Review is to settle property tax disputes, assessing issues and hardship claims. The Board of Review often consults with the Township for assistance in reaching board decisions.

The Board of Review meets three times a year in March , July and December. March’s meeting entails the correcting of assessing errors, miscalculations and adjustments. July and December meetings are dedicated to hearing hardship claims from land owners.

If you would like more information on The Board of Review you may contact the Holly Township Supervisor