Assessing is done by the Oakland County Equalization Division
Contact: Milan Eldred
Telephone: 248-452-9777


The Assessing Department is responsible for identifying and valuing all taxable real and personal property within the Township of Holly in accordance with Michigan’s General Property Tax Laws. Holly Township has just over 5500 parcels within its 36 square mile boundary. This accounts for both real and personal property.

Additionally, the Assessing Department is responsible for:

Maintaining property record information for every parcel of property in Holly Township including legal description of the land and physical improvements to the land such as commercial, industrial and residential buildings, including condominiums and accessory structures.

Maintaining taxpayer of record information, received in various formats, such as Deeds, Property Transfer Affidavits, Homeowner’s Principal Residence Exemption Affidavits and other related forms.

Maintaining sales records, on vacant and improved properties, obtained through recorded deeds received from Oakland County Clerk’s Office and/or Property Transfer Affidavits.

Oakland County provides tax assessing services to all residents within Holly Township. Their staff is very courteous and able to assist in all matters involving assessing.

Assessment Information

2023 Property Tax Proposal  A

Property Tax Estimator and Millage Rates

Personal Property Pamphlet and Personal Property Guide

A Property Transfer Affidavit must be filed at the Township Office within 45 days of the sale of property. Property Transfer Affidavit

Poverty Exemption Application Resolution

2024 Poverty Exemption Application

If you won and occupied your home as your principal residence as of May 1 of each year, you are eligible for a Principal Residence Exemption. Your assessment notice will indicate whether your home is 100% homestead, or some percentage thereof.

Homesteaded properties are exempt from some school operating millages. A property owner shall only be permitted one homestead. A signed affidavit is required from the property owner to be eligible for this exemption. Please contact the Assessor’s Office with any questions.

Principle Residence Exemption Guidelines

Principle Residence Affidavit

Request to Rescind Principle Residence Form

Conditional Rescission of Principal Residence Exemption

Other Forms:

Personal Property Statement

Personal Property Statement – Additional Reporting

You may need to reduce your margins when printing these forms on your printer.