Holly Township Treasurer
Mark Freeman

A Dog must be licensed at 4 months instead of 6 months!

Dog Licenses will be delinquent after June 1st. Licenses’ expire 5/31 of each year. The licenses are issued by the authority of Andrew E. Meisner, Oakland County Treasurer.
Spayed/Neutered – $7.50
*Senior Citizens Price – $6.75
Male/Female – $15.00
*Senior Citizens Price – $13.50
Delinquent Licenses’ – $30.00
You must bring a proof of rabies shot for your dogs in order to purchase a license.
If you have a limiting disability which may require assistance in obtaining your dog license, please contact our office.
* Senior Citizen price for dog owners 65 years of age or older.(Must show proof)
You must bring proof that a dog has been neutered or spayed to recieve discount